Volleyball: VVO01 – M – Preliminary round

  • 27-07-2024
  • Paris, France South Paris Arena

Volleyball: VVO01 – M – Preliminary round

In the first round of the Volleyball: VVO01 – M – Preliminary round, Group M showed extraordinary collaboration and ability. With strong serves and exact spikes, they ruled the court from beginning to end. Their strong guard impeded various endeavors by their adversaries to score, keeping up with their lead all through the game.

The players displayed exceptional coordination, quickly setting up plays and executing key moves. Onlookers were blessed to receive an invigorating presentation of physicality and sportsmanship as the two groups battled savagely for each point. Eventually, Group M arose successful, achieving merited success and having an enduring effect on the crowd.

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  • Time : 09:00 - (Europe/Paris)

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