Judo: JUD01 – M/W – Eliminations

  • 27-07-2024
  • Paris, France Champ-De-Mars Arena

Judo: JUD01 – M/W – Eliminations

Judo: JUD01 – People’s End Rounds Rivals from Judo: JUD01 – M/W – Eliminations different countries show their abilities and methods in the exhilarating end rounds of judo. With extreme concentration and vital moves, they catch for triumph on the mat. Onlookers witness the masterful and force of judo as competitors execute tosses, locks, and pins with accuracy and deftness.

Each match is a trial of solidarity, deftness, and mental courage, as competitors expect to progress to the following round. Feelings run high as contenders endeavor to outsmart their rivals and secure their spot in the competition. The judo field turns into a milestone where assurance and expertise impact, displaying the substance of this unique military craftsmanship.

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  • Time : 10:00 - (Europe/Paris)

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