Equestrian: EQE01 – Eventing Dressage

  • 27-07-2024
  • Versailles, France Château De Versailles

Equestrian: EQE01 – Eventing Dressage

In the realm of equestrian games,Equestrian: EQE01 – Eventing Dressage marks the exhilarating beginning of eventing dressage, a discipline where pony and rider play out a progression of rich developments with accuracy and beauty. The field wakes up with the musical rhythm of hooves as contenders execute unpredictable examples, exhibiting their organization and expertise. Every development is meticulously judged, mirroring the concordance among pony and rider as well as the profundity of their preparation and physicality.

With centered focus and relentless balance, riders guide their mounts through the test, showing control, flexibility, and perfect correspondence. Observers are enraptured by the magnificence and artfulness of the exhibitions, while judges investigate everything about scores that will make way until the end of the occasion. EQE01 is a spellbinding presentation of equestrian creativity and physicality, establishing the vibe for a thrilling contest ahead.

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  • Time : 09:00 - (Europe/Paris)

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