2nd Semi-Final

  • 27-06-2024
  • Georgetown, Guyana Providence Stadium, Georgetown, Guyana

2nd Semi-Final

T20 World Cup Tickets for the semi-final match have been selling fast, with fans eager to witness the action live. The venue is expected to be filled, creating an electric atmosphere that will only add to the excitement of the match.

As the second semi-last match moves nearer cricket fans all over the planet are preparing for a remarkable encounter. With the two groups doing the best that they can with it in a bid to arrive at the finals, this vows to be a coordinate loaded up with energy, show, and snapshots of unadulterated cricketing brightness.

Remain tuned as the Proplayevent second semi-last match unfurls, and witness the show and energy of cricket at its ideal!

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When you’re booking your tickets, you’ll see different categories marked on a map. Your seats will be in one of these categories – the exact row and seat numbers will be assigned to you closer to the event date. So, you can’t choose the exact seat, but you can pick the category you prefer. Don’t worry, we’re here to make sure you still have a fantastic time, even if you can’t choose your seat!

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Re-entry is typically allowed, but it’s wise to review the terms set by the event organizers or chat with onsite staff for any specific rules or exceptions. Policies may vary based on the stadium and event, so it’s always best to double-check to avoid any surprises.

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  • Time : 08:30 - (UTC+0)

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